The Best Instant Coffee: Coffee Drinkers Have Spoken

Starbucks VIA Columbia

The best instant coffee by far is Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Columbia. It offers the quality of Starbucks coffee to an instant coffee that you can make quickly and easily in your home or on the go. Out of all the instant coffees out there, this one is definitely the most popular.

And people are vocal in their love for this instant coffee. Starbucks VIA Columbia has the most positive reviews (467 people gave it a “5 star” rating) on People just love it and keep going back for more.

best instant coffee

Starbucks has worked hard to make this instant coffee taste just like Starbucks from the store. They use the same roast, so you’re going to recognize that signature Starbucks flavor. It doesn’t have any kind of artificial flavor, just that fresh-brewed taste.

It’s good to mention that the instant coffee powder mixes well in hot or cold water. You can mix this instant coffee in cold water and quickly make an iced coffee just like in the store. Just snip the end of the long skinny pouch, pour it in some cold or room temperature water, throw in some ice, a little milk and sugar and you’re in for a treat.

Another plus is that if you get VIA Ready Brew Columbia in bulk, you don’t have to worry about the instant coffee going bad. There are many reviews that mention the coffee stays fresh for a long time after even the expiration date.

Overall, you’re going to get a delicious cup of coffee with Starbucks VIA Columbia. A box of this ready brew coffee at your desk in the office will make getting through the afternoons a lot easier and more pleasurable.  Enjoy!

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Satisfying in a Hurry: The Best Instant Coffee

Did you know that instant coffee is more than hundred years old?  It was way back in 1901 that Satori Kato, a Japanese scientist came up with it in Chicago. He introduced the beverage in its powered form. A few years later in 1910, it hit the markets and the credit for the commercial form go to George Louis Washington. A couple of decades later, Nescafe, the most popular coffee brand launched its own instant coffee and since then there has been no looking back for instant coffee. Today you have numerous different choices thanks to the fact that numerous different brands have their own versions of instant coffee.

hunting the best instant coffeeInstant coffee actually has both criticizers and admirers. While the criticizers say that it is uninspiring and does not give you the actual taste and aroma of coffee, the admirers swear by it.  These busy days, no one actually has the time to brew coffee but at the same time, not many can actually think of starting the day and going through it without coffee. Coffee is a must for millions across the globe and that is the reason why it is such a popular drink. It is refreshing, it is energizing, and it helps you stay alert. Coffee makers actually realize this and that is why they strive to come up with great instant coffee to cater to their customers’ needs.

However, it should be noted that what is best instant coffee for one person may not be the best for another person. Our tastes differ widely and thus, no single flavor will ever get universal acceptance. That is why it’d be wrong to crown one brand or one flavor of coffee as the king of all instant coffees. It all depends on your preferences. The trick lies in choosing the best for YOU. Here is how you can go on about it:

Start with one of the most popular, Starbucks Via Ready Brew Micro Ground Instant Coffee, Columbia Medium Roast.  It’s rich and smooth Arabica instant coffee that is a solid choice.

Beyond that, here are some tips for finding the best, most flavorful instant coffee available:

  • Choose the a well known brand.  And don’t ever settle for cheap brands. There are numerous top-notch brands such as Nescafe and Starbucks that you could choose. A reputed brand guarantees quality and that is very important. It is also advisable to choose an old brand that has been around for many years. This is because such manufacturers know the needs of customers and manufacture accordingly. They are aware of what works well with customers and what does not because they have been in the field for many years and have watched their customers like and reject their products over the years.
  • Always choose producers with certified fair trade. These producers have the advantage of acquiring the coffee beans directly from the growers. This is actually expensive but they go for it because it is environmentally and socially friendly. Hence, producers with fair trade are the best choice.
  • Red label and dark roast are the best choices especially if you like coffee that is rich in flavor. Dark roasted coffee also has less amount of caffeine when compared to light roasted coffee. Remember, though, that the roast is not the only thing you should be focusing upon. Where the coffee beans come from is also important in determining the quality of the coffee.
  • Quality comes at a price and you should be willing to shell out those few extra bucks in order to grab the tastiest instant coffee. Don’t ever compromise on the brand or the quality just because of the price. That is a huge mistake. The essence of coffee is in its rich taste and aroma. You should never settle for anything less.
  • If you want to find the best instant coffee, you have to be willing to experiment. There may be flavors that don’t work well for you and there may be flavors that you could love. You’ll find the best only when you look for them.  Maybe even trying a coffee pod type coffee maker might be worth a shot.  The coffee in coffee pods is made differently and the fresh flavor might surprise you.

Don’t get disappointed if a particular flavor or brand of instant coffee doesn’t impress you. Try another brand. Try another variation, and you will definitely end up with the best instant coffee for you.


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Starbucks VIA – Ready Brew Mocha Flavored Coffee

Starbucks VIA – Ready Brew Mocha Flavored CoffeeMocha is one of my personal all-time favorite flavors to add to coffee.  And if you want to also be transported to Mocha heaven instantly, you don’t need to go to a Starbucks to get it.  All you need is a pouch of Starbucks VIA Mocha Coffee and some hot water and you are good to go!

The best part might be that right now you can get these on Amazon for $6.95 for a 7 pack.  That means you’re getting a Starbucks Mocha for under a dollar.  Click here to check it out:  Starbucks Via Ready Brew Coffee, Mocha Flavored, 7-Count

This leading instant coffee brand has come up with the right blend of natural flavors and 100% Arabica beans for you so that you enjoy the rich taste of mocha quickly instead of having to brew up a batch of coffee.   Sugar is already added in the ingredients so you don’t have to add more.

The aroma and the flavor are great and you will simply love how you can indulge in the taste of mocha right from the first sip. You can carry the Ready Brew pouches with you no matter where you go and prepare your own coffee regardless of whether you are camping, boating, or at office.

Starbucks is counted among the most popular instant coffees for a reason and it indeed stands out from the rest. The use of natural and high quality beans can be experienced in each pouch. This is ideal for a cup of coffee after a date with your loved one.  Or just get cozy on the couch with a cup of instant Starbucks.Starbucks keeps doing the right thing and putting out great products.  Via is no exception.

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Starbucks VIA – Iced Caramel Coffee

Starbucks VIA – Iced Caramel CoffeeDo you have to wait to get home or to the café everyday to enjoy a cup of iced coffee? Does the fact that you can’t have it when you want it annoy you? Well not any more! Starbucks VIA – Iced Caramel Coffee is here for you to enjoy just anytime and anywhere.

You don’t need a coffee maker for this or just anything fancy because the leading instant coffee brand Starbucks is aware that you can’t always make coffee using a coffee maker. Iced coffee is at your fingertips now with caramel flavor to tickle your taste buds and to beat the heat at the same time!

The beans used are 100% naturally roasted Arabica beans and they are blended with microground coffee beans in such a way that they work well with cold water. Yes, this is the reason why this brand is so sought after these days. You can have instant cold coffee without compromising on the taste and flavor. The beans are specifically for cold water and caramel is for the rich texture. Along with that, the ingredients include cane sugar to give you just the taste that you desire: icy sweet and thick.

The coffee is refreshing and so easy to use that you can carry pouches with you and make your own iced caramel coffee anywhere. For a single serving pouch, you will need 16 oz of cold water. Stir and enjoy the perfect iced coffee from this popular instant coffee brand.

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Organic Instant Coffee Brands

As consumers begin to think more about buying organic foods, it is only natural that the search for the best organic instant coffee brands is part of that. There are many regular, whole bean or ground drip coffees that have been grown in an organic manner, but are there organic ground instant coffee brands? Luckily, the answer is yes!

Although making instant coffee starts with the same kind of beans that you’d use to make a regular drip cup of organic coffee, you might think the process of taking regular coffee and turning it into instant coffee might include chemicals or processes that would render the product “not organic”. But the process does not have to include anything that would make this happen.

Organic coffee is becoming a bigger niche in the coffee universe. Consumers are becoming more aware of the dangers posed by pesticides and chemical fertilizers in their food and looking for organic instant coffee brands. Shade grown coffee is usually the method that is used for organic coffee and this helps maintain the rainforests that the coffee is grown in as well. It helps prevent the clear-cutting that destroys the forests and makes way for farms.

organic instant coffee brandsMount Hagen

Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee is really the first of the organic instant coffee brands. Mount Hagen actually was the first certified organic instant coffee brand in the world. Mount Hagen uses coffee grown in highland areas that are secluded from any other coffee plantations that would use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort for those who choose to buy organic.

Mount Hagen instant coffee has a rich dark roast that is full of flavor and competes with any other brand as far as delivering the a great tasting cup of coffee. And this one has the bonus of being free of chemicals!

If you’re looking for an organic coffee that also happens to be decaffeinated, then Mount Hagan has what you’re looking for. Again, you’d think that the process of decaffeination plus the freeze drying would make the coffee lose it’s organic standing, but it hasn’t. They use a special patented process that uses only water and carbon dioxide to remove the caffeine. This keeps the organic label in place and provides a great choice for those who want the great coffee flavor but not the caffeine buzz.

Of the instant coffee brands that are out there Mount Hagan is the only one that we’ve come across that actually is certified organic by tough US standards. They might actually be the one and only. Luckily Mount Hagan makes a delicious product, not only an organic one, because who wants to drink a lifeless and bland cup of instant coffee just because it’s organic?

There might be more organic instant coffee competition in the future… in fact I’d bet on it. There are so many instant coffee brands out there that are going to want to jump into this market as people look for more options for organic instant coffee.

But in the mean time, if you’re looking for the best organic instant coffee brands, Mount Hagan takes first place (and second, and third, and…)

Grab some Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee here:



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Nescafé 3 in 1 Regular Instant Coffee Sticks

instant coffeeNow, Nescafé might be one of the most well known and most popular instant coffee products, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. Nescafé 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Sticks are one of the most handy and convenient ways of enjoying instant coffee out there. Basically it’s coffee with sugar and creamer, and it’s all in one instant coffee “satchet stick”. Just tear off the top of one of the coffee sticks, add it to a mug of hot water, stir, and you’re on your way.

The 3 in 1 sticks contains 61 grams of sugar, 9.9 grams of saturated fat and represents between 70 to 90 calories, depending on the product (there are a few different flavors).

Among other types of the 3 in 1 line of instant coffees, Nescafé 3 in 1 Original My Cup, is a very sweet version with 10.5% coffee, 33.5% creamer and 56% sugar. If you like a lot of sweet with your coffee, this one is for you.

Nescafé has proven to be a versatile instant coffee brand and they aren’t resting on their success. The Nescafé 3 in 1 Regular Instant Coffee Sticks are a great innovation and we hope they keep it up.

As a side note, Nescafé’s tagline is “it’s three in one-derful”, is pretty catchy (check out the very romantic ad for the Filipino market below).

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Starbucks VIA – Ready Brew Vanilla Flavored Coffee

Starbucks VIA – Ready Brew Vanilla Flavored CoffeeOh, only a blessed few can resist the delicious temptation of a hot cup of joe.  A majority of the world loves coffee and in one way or the other depends on it for a great start to the day.  But how about veering from the masses?   What’s wrong with trying something new and starting off with a rich, vanilla flavored cup of coffee?


That is exactly what Starbucks VIA – Ready Brew Vanilla Flavored Coffee offers to you. It is rich, it is smooth, and it is so easy to make that your favorite cup of coffee will be ready in an instant.  Vanilla might be synonymous with “plain”, but that doesn’t fit here at all.  The sweet vanilla aroma will make sure you fall in love with it even before it reaches your taste buds.  (On a side-note, I personally think this would make an amazing ice-cream flavor!)

To make your cup of coffee, all you need to do is pour the contents of the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Vanilla-Flavored coffee pouch in a mug, and then add hot water.  Stir it and indulge in the rich and delicious taste of vanilla and coffee blended so beautifully for you. The coffee is 100% Arabica with just a dash of sugar to give you a well balanced flavor.

Starbucks is indeed a great instant coffee brand and is ideal for those who don’t have a coffee machine at home. You don’t need to worry anymore about having to go to the café to drink a cup of your favorite coffee. With Starbucks, you can do it at home without stressing at all, anytime you want to! Grab some here!

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Taster’s Choice Vanilla Instant Coffee – Single serve sticks

Taster’s Choice Vanilla Instant Coffee - sticksVanilla is a universally loved flavor and when it is blended with coffee, the combination is unbeatable. This is why you should try the Taster’s Choice Vanilla Instant Coffee from one of the most popular instant coffee brands in the market today.

Blended with only the best Arabica and Robusta beans, this coffee has a dash of vanilla, which makes it rich and delicious. You can buy the pack with twenty single serve sticks and you can take the packets on the go in order to enjoy the delicious taste of coffee wherever you are. All that you will need is hot water and that is very easy to find.

The end of coffee machines, and expensive café trips has come. All you need to do now is buy one of these packs, add hot water, stir, and experience rich coffee with vanilla, which will soothe your taste buds instantly.

The fact that there is an additional step of freeze-drying to the brewing process ensures that the flavors as well as the aroma stay for a long time. Hence, you have everything that you could ask for in a cup of coffee without having to struggle.

With no hassle and natural flavors along with antioxidants, these sticks are a delicious must try!

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Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Micro Instant Ground Coffee, Columbia Medium Roast

instant coffee brandsBesides being one of the most popular coffee shops and whole and ground coffee sellers in the world, Starbucks has also become one of the most popular instant coffee brands. And Starbucks Via Ready Brew Micro Ground Instant Coffee, Columbia Medium Roast is one of the most popular.

The 2.79 ounce sashay packs of 100% Columbian Arabica coffee are easy to pour right into a cup of hot water.  The powder dissolves completely in the hot water and the flavor is smooth and mellow.  The best part is probably that, depending on the price you get for a box of pouches, you can probably get a cup of Starbucks Coffee for around $1.00.  That’s just not possible in most Starbucks coffee shops.  You truly are saving money and time with this one.

Starbucks is everywhere and couldn’t be more popular, but it’s known for being a little bit bitter due to their heavy roasting.  This Ready Brew instant coffee is a bit more mellow, which might be appealing to some coffee drinkers.

No matter how you feel about Starbucks, if you need a quick pick-me-up and don’t have a coffee maker around, this is one of the best instant coffee brands you can choose.

Grab some here!


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Starbucks VIA – Tribute Blend

Starbucks VIA – Tribute BlendStarbucks is among the leading instant coffee brands for a good reason. While most coffee lovers simply adore change in taste, not many actually experience it. Most brands have the same, bittersweet taste, which barely excites the palate.

To offer its customers a taste of complexity (kind of like a fine blended wine) Starbucks has come up with Starbucks VIA – Tribute Blend. So complex is its taste that it is indescribable. At the same time though, it is so palatable that you will instantly fall in love with it. It is indeed a complex ‘blend’ of a number of flavors put together to make you enjoy the taste of coffee even more.

Unlike in most instant coffees the beans are not all of the same kind. Three different types of beans have been selected from three different parts of the world: Colombia, New Guinea, and Ethiopia to give you that complexity and relish. This coffee also has dark cherry notes to give it a spicy and remarkable taste. For those who want to move from sweet to spicy, this is what they must try!  The coffee is microground with 100% naturally roasted beans. This is another contributing factor of the rich and strong taste.

If you want your coffee to be strong, you can simply go black. If you want it to mellow down a little, you can add some milk and sugar! Indulge in this coffee, the way you want to, with your friends and family to light up your mood instantly!

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