Organic Instant Coffee Brands

organic instant coffee brands

As consumers begin to think more about buying organic foods, it is only natural that the search for the best organic instant coffee brands is part of that. There are many regular, whole bean or ground drip coffees that have been grown in an organic manner, but are there organic ground instant coffee brands? Luckily, the answer is yes!

Although making instant coffee starts with the same kind of beans that you’d use to make a regular drip cup of organic coffee, you might think the process of taking regular coffee and turning it into instant coffee might include chemicals or processes that would render the product “not organic”. But the process does not have to include anything that would make this happen.

Organic coffee is becoming a bigger niche in the coffee universe. Consumers are becoming more aware of the dangers posed by pesticides and chemical fertilizers in their food and looking for organic instant coffee brands. Shade grown coffee is usually the method that is used for organic coffee and this helps maintain the rainforests that the coffee is grown in as well. It helps prevent the clear-cutting that destroys the forests and makes way for farms.

organic instant coffee brandsMount Hagen

Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee is really the first of the organic instant coffee brands. Mount Hagen actually was the first certified organic instant coffee brand in the world. Mount Hagen uses coffee grown in highland areas that are secluded from any other coffee plantations that would use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort for those who choose to buy organic.

Mount Hagen instant coffee has a rich dark roast that is full of flavor and competes with any other brand as far as delivering the a great tasting cup of coffee. And this one has the bonus of being free of chemicals!

If you’re looking for an organic coffee that also happens to be decaffeinated, then Mount Hagan has what you’re looking for. Again, you’d think that the process of decaffeination plus the freeze drying would make the coffee lose it’s organic standing, but it hasn’t. They use a special patented process that uses only water and carbon dioxide to remove the caffeine. This keeps the organic label in place and provides a great choice for those who want the great coffee flavor but not the caffeine buzz.

Of the instant coffee brands that are out there Mount Hagan is the only one that we’ve come across that actually is certified organic by tough US standards. They might actually be the one and only. Luckily Mount Hagan makes a delicious product, not only an organic one, because who wants to drink a lifeless and bland cup of instant coffee just because it’s organic?

There might be more organic instant coffee competition in the future… in fact I’d bet on it. There are so many instant coffee brands out there that are going to want to jump into this market as people look for more options for organic instant coffee.

But in the mean time, if you’re looking for the best organic instant coffee brands, Mount Hagan takes first place (and second, and third, and…)

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